Violent Femmes As A Cure For Writer’s Block…

I’ve hit one of those periods of day job burn-out that has been going on for so long that I cannot even remember the last time I wrote anything of value…or anything at all. … Continue reading

Reba, Fests, and Free Stuff

Hi Everyone! So last night I had the opportunity to see Reba McEntire at a private show.  I went in liking Reba, I came out loving Reba, and  cannot get “Fear of Being… Continue reading

In Celebration of TV SuperCouple Theme Songs…

There was a lot of stuff that made the 1980’s awesome…Fashion Plates, Burple, Woodsy the Owl.  For all the things that were great, and should make a comeback, one item I particularly miss is… Continue reading

Things You Notice As An Adult – Sound of Music Edition

Every year around Christmas-time, I end up watching The Sound of Music.  I love the songs.  I love the scenery.  I love the green curtain dresses, and I especially love the idea of having… Continue reading

Christmas (movie) Christmas (movie) Time is Here…

Like a lot of gals, I am addicted to the made-for-tv Christmas movies that pop up on the Hallmark and Lifetime channels.  I love watching two people, who hate and/or don’t know each other,… Continue reading

Release the Kraken!

Well, the day has finally arrived.  My newest novel, Unrequited, is released upon the world for digital download. (Paperback release date to follow) I want to take a moment to thank everyone who… Continue reading

One Down, One To Go…

As the release date for Unrequited approaches (Sept. 23rd!!!), I’m faced with a harsh reality…I have to write a sequel! Without giving too much away, Unrequited is set up to roll into a second book. … Continue reading

After the Party It’s the After-Party, and Before the Order It’s the Pre-Order…

  So, have you ever had one of those days where you are notified that your book is available for pre-order, and you are still sitting on a pile of revisions that are… Continue reading

Cover Reveal – Unrequited

It crept up on me, but today is the day!  My publisher officially revealed the cover for my first YA/NA novel, Unrequited.  This book is a departure from the rom-coms I traditionally write,… Continue reading

Take Me To Your Leader…No, Seriously…I Wanna Meet Him

  For years I have talked about “those” people, you know the ones.  They are the people who love Star Wars and read comic books, and maybe sometimes wear costumes to conventions.  If… Continue reading