There Are Only The Pursued, The Pursuing, The Busy, and The Tired…



I’m a classics gal. I like old movies, old-fashioned manners, and pretty much anything that fits into the “oldie but a goodie” category…so it’s no surprise that when it comes to books, I like to read the classics. Dickens, Austen, Fitzgerald, Poe, Doyle…the list goes on and on.

My all-time favorite book is A Tale of Two Cities…and I’m a little shocked that Hollywood hasn’t done a big budget version for the silver screen in recent years (since Hollywood seems to always want to recycle the old and make it new). Usually I’m not a huge fan of remakes. When something was great the first time around, I think it should stand forever without new and flashier versions taking it place. When those classic films are based on beloved classic books, I dig in even harder on my anti-remake ground. That said, every so often a remake comes along that makes me want to rethink my stance (not all the way, just like maybe allow a few remakes every hundred years, but with a cap…we don’t want to get out of control.)

The movie remake I am actually looking forward to is The Great Gatsby. Granted, the film is not yet out, but there is something that tells me this is going to be a worthy entry.  Gatsby is one of my favorite books…definitely in the top five. It is one of those stories that stayed with me when I first read it. It is a book that has brought me back to its pages more than once.  The story seemed real.  I could imagine a girl whose voice sounded like money. I could picture Jay Gatsby, a golden boy to outshine all other golden boys. I felt like I was with Nick Carraway as he traversed a world where he was both a player and a spectator. I could see that lavish Long Island world of the 1920’s.  I could picture it so well, I never wanted a movie to ruin the image. I did finally see the Robert Redford version, and happily, I thought it was a true representation of everything I had imagined in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s world.

I figured that-was-that, and then I heard talk of a new Gatsby. I had my knee-jerk “why can’t we leave the classics alone” reaction, but then I heard the words that made me feel like everything would be okay…”Leonardo DiCaprio will play the titular role of Jay Gatsby”. Right then I knew this amazing story was in good hands. Let’s forget for a moment that posters of Leo plastered the wall in my dorm room, and that I might have some sort of teeny-bopper-crush bias. Instead, let’s look at his body of work. Leo is great at his job. He makes me buy every performance he is selling. I believed he was a teenage boy with special challenges. I believed he was a germaphobe billionaire. I believed he couldn’t fit on that giant plank of wood, and therefore must sink to his icy grave…

…and I believe he will make an excellent Gatsby, and will bring a heartbreaking depth to that mysterious character who is always looking for the green light.