Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Lawyers…

law school


Once upon a time, in a far-off galaxy, there was a world very much like our own…where I was a law student. It was a funny world where you make the best friends you will ever have, while also trudging through the worst decision of your life…becoming a lawyer.

It was about mid-way through my 2L year when I knew that perhaps I had made a terrible mistake, but as I was already substantially in debt, I figured I might as well see it through. After-all, you can do lots of stuff with a law degree, right?

Ah, to be that wide-eyed and idiotic.

I write this post, a few years out of law school, and still substantially in debt…and I pretend that my job utilizes my degree, when in reality, it does not. I graduated law school at the exact moment the legal market went pfffffffffft, and jobs were few and far between, and wide-eyed idiotic recent law school grads were abundant. I did land at a prestigious law firm, but it was as one of the growing mass of “contract” attorneys. It was one of those soulless mindless unfulfilling sort of jobs we all love so well.

Why am I telling this story? I’d like to think that it might dissuade some other would-be lawyer from taking the law school plunge…but then again, if I had been warned, would I have decided not to go? [the answer is, I would have still gone, as per the affliction of being a wide-eyed idiot].

Instead, I write this to make a point. Had law school turned out well…Had I gotten that job as the assistant district attorney…Had I zigged instead of zagged…I may have never been in the position I was in, just a couple of years ago as I sat in that pool of sad temp attorneys, to finally open up a blank word document…and get to writing.

Silver Linings…Lemonade from Lemons…and all that jazz.

And P.S. – seriously, don’t go to law school.