Take Me To Your Leader…No, Seriously…I Wanna Meet Him



For years I have talked about “those” people, you know the ones.  They are the people who love Star Wars and read comic books, and maybe sometimes wear costumes to conventions.  If you had asked me if I knew those people, I would say “yes”.  Some are my brothers, some are good friends, but never ever would I have considered myself one of them.

Today I make a confession:  Not only am I one of them, I may be, like, sergeant-at-arms at the weekly meeting of “those” people (I would never pretend to be hip and informed enough to be President).

My top otherworldly loves, are:

1. Star Trek.  Somehow I never associated my love of Star Trek as making me anything close to a “sci fi geek”, even when I started carrying a Star Trek wallet.  Of all things in sci-fi world, Star Trek is probably the one I quote/talk about/think about, the most.  I should note, I am a very specific original and Next Generation fan….It’s all about Kirk and Picard for this girl.

2. The Hobbit.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love Lord of The Rings as well, but nothing got me as excited as the promise of the current string of Hobbit movies.  For months leading up to the first movie, my brother and I called each other to discuss every single casting selection that was rumored.  We debated where each film would break, in context to the book, and we could not decide if we were happy or mad that the two planned movies soon turned into three.  I felt, and feel, emotionally invested in the outcome of this beloved book-to-screen adaptation.  Even so, I stood in line for the opening night midnight show and chuckled at the “geeky” people in line with me, never ever considering I was actually one of them.

Along with the aforementioned subjects, I have a deep love for many things in the sci-fi/fantasy world/geek-chic world….Star Wars, LOST, Chuck, Dr. Who, Once Upon A Time, Quantum Leap, and the list goes on and on and on.  So I sit here now, typing this blog entry as I research the in’s and out’s of San Diego 2014 Comic Con, and the trip I hope to take next summer to meet up with some of “those people” who are actually MY people.